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Welcome to In The Rainbow, we are glad to see you!
Together we are creating a beautifully crafted series of vibrant and authentic stories about LGBT+ people coming of age in the rainbow. Using real stories from youth around New Zealand as inspiration there will be seven colourful episodes to be enjoyed.
So we’re asking young people to share their LGBT+ stories and we will use those to craft some original scripts which may get used in an episode.
We would love all of you to share your stories small or big. So if you have experienced something you’d like to share we would be very grateful to hear it from your point of view.
The web series has seven episodes and each one will be written about a different emotion;
passion, humour, wisdom, envy, sadness, spirituality and intimacy.
Share my story 
As someone who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community and is a big advocate for young people, I highly support this film project. I believe the more we address the issues within the community the more discussions we can have with our young people who may be questioning their identity. By using narrative therapy we can explore the individual’s experience and find the best way to best support them. Portraying their experiences and stories through film is a great way for people who understand the emotions.
Katerina clark – Rainbow Youth

Some of Our Supporters

Big hugs and kisses to our amazing suporters. Thank you so much for believing in us and jumping on board early.