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In the Rainbow tells the colourful coming of age stories of LGBTQ+ youth  in New Zealand.  Inspired by true stories, each episode brings a colour of the rainbow to life. Follow a dramatic and emotional incident in the life of one of the young residents of Te Aho Bay, as they navigate their lives and figure out how to stand out when you can’t fit in.
In The Rainbow is a brand new seven part series that has been created by a young 18 year old female New Zealand filmmaker (Rose McMahon). Each of the episodes are inspired by true stories which have been submitted by Kiwis and turned into moving, compelling and authentic scripts. Starring a cast of up and coming New Zealand actors, many of whom are LGBTQ+.
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Series creator Rose McMahon being interviewed by Jesse Mulligan on RNZ

Here’s what each episode is about…
In the afterglow of Ben’s party, he falls headlong into a passionate and unexpected encounter.  But how high can Ben fly before crashing and burning?
With a lot on her mind, Saffie has left the warm afternoons of make believe in her past. But her two older sisters try to remind her that these fairytale stories and childhood games can be used to broach difficult topics, and that no matter what weighs us down, there is always a child inside us. 
While helping his mum pack the house in preparation for a move, Frank stumbles across the traces of a long forgotten secret.  A secret that might just be able to help Frank unpack his own secrets. 
After her summer of transformation, Pania heads back to school, her self confidence shielding her from outsiders.  But she was unprepared for a jealous attack from within her own camp.  Is her confidence enough to withstand this new foe?
Tane believes that some divides are just too wide to cross, and that his dad will never be able to understand him.  Sadness and anger cloud their relationship unless Tane can accept the offer of help his father extends across the space between them. 
Uncomfortable with being the symbol of her churches facade of progressiveness, Doli wishes she could fade into the background.  Despite longing for privacy, Doli may have an expected guest on her spiritual journey. 
Despite Alan spending all his time cataloging other peoples emotions for his big exhibition, there is still one persons emotions that he cant see.  Alan cant understand why Tim will only allow their relationship to exist in the shadows of life, will the fear that holds Tim back ruin everything?

Here’s what people are saying about In The Rainbow…

“This incredibly inclusive and love injected web series told LGBT+ stories in a new and creative light.  It was beautifully captured and thought out. One of a kind. No other series has hit home and struck emotions like In The Rainbow so it was heart warming to watch and take in.”
“As a Counsellor who works with and supports LGBTQ+ youth I believe this series is pivotal in the advancement of New Zealand’s support of all young people and their mental health. The series is honest, and is drawn from, and represents true life experiences. As a result of this, it is very moving. I hope that all members of the LGBTQ+ community can find something within the series that resonates with their own journey, and that they take strength from this to go forth and embrace who they are with confidence.”

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