Hello, I’m Rose McMahon, the Creator and Director of In The Rainbow. It’s been such a honour to have had the opportunity to tell these genuine stories of LGBTQ+ youth growing up in New Zealand. Thank you so much to every person who submitted a story for the series, your words were moving, touching and inspiring. The joys, struggles, complexities and elation in your stories touched my heart.
This series has been brought to life by an utterly amazing, dedicated and talented crew. After months of preproduction everyone worked tirelessly over two solid weeks of filming in January 2019. There were a number of different locations for the seven episodes, special thanks to the people who graciously allowed us to use their spaces for filming.
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Rose McMahon
Quinn, Ruby, Rose, Alf, Melissa, Raukawa, Bo and Jared
Melissa and Rose
Joey, Alf, Rose, Quinn and Jared
Kira and Darcia
Ephraim and Liana
Holly and Gabriella
Created and Directed by Rose McMahon 
Network Executive Producers – Kim Harrop & Kate Simmonds
Network Producers – Amber Smith-Beggs & Sarah Zwart
TVNZ Publicist – Alex Dyer
Online Editor – Guy Brinsdon
Sound Mixer – Simon Weir
Directors Friend – Jamie Lawrence
Production Manager and 1st AD – Melissa Osgood 
Production Coordinator – Su-an McMahon
Continuity – Bo Beaufill 
Writing Team – Rose McMahon, Holly McMahon and Matt Butler 
Director of Photography – Rose McMahon 
Camera Operator – Quinn OConnell
Camera and Lighting Assistant – Jared Jones 
Stills Photographer – Jess Lowcher
Sound Operator – Alf Rose 
Boom Operator – Joey Siasoco
Soundtrack by The Soundroom
Theme Song Colours of the Rainbow written and performed by Joe Emanuel, Ash Laforteza, Sam Graham and Adam Mclean
Set Designer – Darcia Mather 
Art Assistant – Kira Lees
Hair – Ephraim Ormsby 
Makeup – Liana Wharehinga 
Makeup Assistant – Gabriella Osgood 
Wardrobe – Theo Spargo
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