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We need your help
A big part of this project is that it is inspired by true stories about real people who live in the rainbow.  With season one released in June 2019 we would love for you to share your stories to help make the next stage of this project possible.
We want real stories from LGBTQ+ people. We would also love to hear from people who are not LGBTQ+ but have a connection with someone who is LGBTQ+. So if you have experienced something you’d like to share we would be very grateful to hear it from your point of view. It could be your friend or cousin or sibling or a co-worker or your boss. Don’t tell us their story but let us know how your relationship with them has impacted, moved or changed you.

Here is my story

If you selected "Famous" option we will contact you to chat about your story, so please include your email address below.
I agree that the rights to use my story are granted to the Twinkling Bat Films for use in "In The Rainbow". To protect privacy all names will be changed for the series/film.

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